Some Services and Pre-Engineered Fabrication Offered

Ascension Pipe Shells

Receiving Hoppers

Contractor Tanks

Up and Down Comers

Fractionator Feed Tanks

Bustle Pipes

Wear Plates, Cooling Plates and Holders

Collecting Mains

Tar and Solution Tanks

Water Cooled Hood Panels

Charging Buckets

Furnace Shells

Annealing Cars

Evaporation Chambers

Stainless Pipe

Under Hearth Cooling Ducts

Stripper Wash Oil Purifiers

Chutes, Hoppers, Ducts

Saturator Tar Skimming Tanks

Fume Collecting Mains

Bayonet Heaters

Stove Parts

Iron Runners

Expansion Covers

Gates and Skirtboards


Water Cooled Spouts

Heat Shields

Charge Boxes

Roof Rings

Side Walls

Pickling Tanks

Cooling Covers

Mining Equipment

Pitch Traps


Flash Tanks

Charging Bins

Bleeder Stacks

Heat Shields